The women phenomenon

The women phenomenon. I like to use that phrase to call any unreasonable things that oftenly women do, anything that I would never want to do since it doesn’t make sense for me to be like that, too less meaningful to do. I think, it’s not only me who keep this thought in mind, some of women would have the way of thinking as same as my way. But we’re the minority. So when we do something otherwise to the most likely things women did, it looks weird, even weird on their eyes.

Let me give you one case of women phenomenon. The most common things women love to do: to dress up and to make up as pretty as possible. They tend to waste their times as much as possible till they’re satisfied, just for this silly activity. They sit (or stand) in front of mirror untill they see a beautiful woman, a pretty looking girl appear in the mirror. And it isn’t clear about what is the measurement point of beauty that they are professing, what kind of pretty looking they intend to? Because, I don’t know what do they think, but everytime I see a woman after maked up, if compared to her original, to her without-masked face, the original is more lovely to stare, is very pretty looking in my eyes. I ever told them about that, but instead they said: “what you see is not the same to what’s in a man’s eyes.” Ckckck. So, is that the reason of their “willing to waste time”? Just to be loved to stare by men’s eyes? And that’s also the reason of what kind of dress they’re willing to wear, to buy.. what kind of shoes (women commonly love heels or wedges).. What kind of trending modes of the veil they are willing to use, that currently, hijab is the most trending (even very unsimply to wear)… what kind of…nonsense! I think that they are not being themselves. What the unlogical way of thinking.

It’s very unfortunate that.. most of women forget the most important thing that has to be included in their intentions: is Allah satisfied? Does Allah love the way we making up and dressing up? And.. does Allah agree with our reason of becoming fashionable, if the reason is not because of Allah?

Other thing that I am wondering is, why do they over care about the beauty? Like there’s not any other delightful things either they desire to do or they keep in their minds to be done than to look beautiful, beautiful, and beautiful? They seem like don’t have any confidence to themselves if they are beautiful, originally beautiful without any make up and weird fashion.

Just be your self, and the beauty of yours will shine out. 🙂


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