A Tremendous Journey


This is the first post for my new blog theme. Recent writing after long time no write. I suppose that I am no longer being used to write as good as a few months ago, but as many things happened, too worthy to not being written. many things in my mind.. and I don’t know which one would I tell you firstly. But because right now I’m writing in “Kaki Melangkah”, so I’m going to tell you about my journey I’ve already experienced recently. Hehehe.

It is one of the most unforgettable journeys I’ve ever had… Now I feel so grateful for having been decided the best choice though people said that I sacrificed a severely precious thing in my life. I was blessed that my sacrifice has been paid by the pleasure I got from my journey. 🙂

A month ago, I went to Pare, a small village in East Java, Indonesia. A day before I went was the last day I worked in my office as I wrote the date of day in my resignation letter a month before. On that day, my boss asked me again, ” Are you sure about your decision? I think there are many trustworthy English courses around Jakarta. You can choose one and study there while you’re working here. You’re permitted to go home early for studying. You don’t have to resign.” I just smiled to him, didn’t want to answer. He was tempting me more and more. I knew it will be hard for him, and actually it was not an easy decision too for me. But I won’t change it.

I went to “English Village” in Pare. It called English Village due to so many English course institutions there. My intention of going there was to have IELTS preparation course because I had registered myself for IELTS test on 6 September 2014. I had only one month for preparing myself intensively. It was impossible if I took the course while working. Not enough time to study. I’ll not be able to focus. Therefore, the only best way was going to Pare. I heard that there was a place in Pare for those who yearn particular course focusing on IELTS. It was TEST English School.

It was 10 August 2014 I arrived there. Everyone was welcomed by CEO speech, followed by interview. I was a slight surprised by the speech and interview, it was unusual… The CEO was not seen as a CEO in common. He was such a funnyman. Everyone there couldn’t stop laughing because of his joking. Then instantaneously, the words “Dont speak bahasa!!!” as he said was ringing in my ears. This was what I yearned, to get used to speak English everyday! Thing that will never be able to do if I stay in Jakarta, if even I took IELTS preparation in IALF or TBI. I realized that I was not too fluent in speaking. It was great for finally I was 24 hours a day surrounded by English speaking people.

I was a bit startled in the beginning… never imagined that the schedule was extremely tight. The class started at 5am and ended at 5pm, then an additional multimedia class from 7pm to 9pm. Also, we had some memorizing tasks outside the class. Pretty exhausting… Everyone in my class became a stranger. But who would ever thought that now I miss everything there…

Have you ever experienced, meeting some people who have the same mission with you, and like you, they have been experiencing great things but they left those all for the sake of dream? They come from the far away places you never ever expected that they will be here, in the same place with you right now, and doing the same.. And the most important, they are very helpful in supporting you reaching your dream. That was what been happened to me..

There were 19 students in IELTS class including me. All of us have the same purpose: taking IELTS for going abroad. We knew that English proficiency, particularly IELTS, is our ticket to study overseas. Why IELTS? Why didn’t take IBT? Because most of us were willing to go to European countries which mostly ask for IELTS as one of the requirements. We were all have different band target, but commonly, universities in Europe want at least 6.5 or 7 for minimum total band score. It was quite hard. IELTS is neither about how long have you studied English nor how advanced you are in mastering English. It is about how used you are to kinds of IELTS questions, how fast is your reading speed, how to think promptly, how to write expeditiously and thoroughly (well structured and less grammatical errors) and how to give a good task response.

And… here we are:


I’ll let you know them one by one 🙂

From left to right, from behind to front:

Hida from Bandung (graduated from ITB), Yuni from Medan (graduated from USU), Cezia from Timika, Papua (graduated from UGM), Amal from Semarang (graduated from UNES), La Ode from Sulawesi (currently a graduate student of Physics UI), Emon from Samarinda (graduated from UNMUL), Fauzi from Wamena, Papua (currently have master study of Economics in UGM), Rangga from Lumajang, Malang (graduated from Univ. of Muhammadiyah Malang), Thoni from Jogja (graduated from UGM, will be going soon to Germany), Nita from Ambon (currently in the 3rd year of study of Economics in UNPAD), Yusril from Bekasi (currently undergraduate student of Information System in Telkom Institute of Technology), Kennico from Aceh (graduated from Syiah Kuala University, an architect), I, Intan from Pekabaru (graduated from UIN Riau), Iis from Tegal (graduated from UI), and Regy from Sukabumi (graduated from UI). There were also 3 others not seen in photo: Ice, Ihsan (currently graduated from Pharmacy UGM) and Didi. On 6 September, Yusril, Ihsan, Didi and I will have had the IELTS test.

It was pleasing to have a togetherness with them… Every single time we spent together within classes was very memorable… The scoring class, listening class, writing class, and especially speaking class… and so did every moment outside the classes.

There was something fun happened in the speaking class. Let me mention our tutors involved in that moment. They were Monsieur Andy (we used to call him as “Captain”) and Monsieur Yudhi. Fyi, “Monsieur” (read: Mizzu) was the title to call our tutor. That day, we had a simulation of speaking part 2 of IELTS speaking test. Monsieur Captain and Monsieur Yudhi had a game for us… In this game, we were divided into 3 groups. Each group was given cards of question of speaking part 2. Everyone in each group had a chance to choose the card randomly then had a minute to think about the answer and 2 minutes to answer the question without any filler or repetation.. If we unintentionally used fillers or repeat any word we’ve already told, our face will be streaked by lipstick as the punishment. It was freaky yet very challenging. Only two of us winning the game. But in the end, none of us was saved from lipstick because the winners and both of monsieur got the streaks too. Hahahaha.

Here is the picture of us playing the game:


I was about to be desperate when my score graph was still stagnant, no significant increases until the 3rd week of the course whereas my test date was getting closer… Once I got score 7.5 in listening, but I thought it was just by chance because on the next days my score fell to 5.5 and never again rose to 7.5. However, I knew so well my strength and my weakness. My strength was reading and my weakness was listening. Once I got 7 in reading, then in the following day I got 6.5, then decreased to 6, then rose again to 7, then always around 6.5 and 7. For writing, Monsieur Captain said that I have good vocabularies and less error in grammatical, but my essay was not well structured. It was difficult for me to write a well structured essay since I was used to write free style writings and ignoring structure. For speaking, I still had many fillers and hesitations in answering the questions. Everything seemed bad..

But my classmates, they were very helpful… It was a good idea to have a trip to somewhere in order to refresh our minds.. We had a vacation to Bromo! Yeayyy!! Lol. Yeah, in the end of the 3rd week, together with TOEFL class memebers, we traveled to Bromo. Some monsieurs and a madmoiselle (title for a woman tutor. It reads: mozel) joint us.

Here are some pictures of our trip:
wpid-dscf1512.jpgwpid-20140831_053506.jpgwpid-20140831_080140-1.jpgDSCF1468 COMPRESSDSCF1510 COMPRESSDSCF1517 COMPRESS

I felt much better after got vacation… lol. It maybe inane, but for me, it always works. During the 4th week, my score increased… my listening rose to 6.5 and my reading jumped to 7.5 and didn’t know how come, but I called it as “Bromo effect”. Hahahaha. At least, I became more confident to face the real test. 🙂

My feeling was getting calm and quiet during the 4th week. Yes, I was ready for the test despite my weaknesses. Time to go back to Jakarta had already been coming… But that moment, I suddenly felt miserable realizing that I have to go and will be separated from my classmates. I still want to be there with them but I couldn’t because I was gonna have the test on 6 September. Then, in the last day of mine, they made an ice cream party as farewell of me. I said goodbye to them, but they replied, “keep in touch! We must be met again someday..”

Another camaraderie has just already being tied…

We will be met again someday in other place, maybe in Europe, or in other occasion, maybe in LPDP orientation training. hehehe.


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